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Southern States Rubber Mulch

Landscaping Rubber Mulch Colors:
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Boston Brown Rubber Mulch
Dark Brown
Pearl Black Rubber Mulch
Light Brown Rubber Mulch
Red Rubber Mulch
Grass Green Rubber Mulch
Caribbean Blue Rubber Mulch

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Rubber Landscape Mulch

If you ever used wood mulch, you know that by the end of the season, your garden can look a little worse for wear. Discolored, rotted and displaced mulch can take away from the look that you work all summer to achieve. Try your next project with Southern States Landscape Rubber Mulch. Our recycled rubber landscaping mulch is the best option for your yard. Our rubber mulch never rots, never discolors, and will never settle or blow away, and best of all you can choose from a variety of six colors to complement your landscaping.

Rubber mulch is the environmental option. The mulch is created from 100% recycled tires, and also helps to keep plants, roots and flower beds moist, making your garden much more water efficient. Rubber mulches are becoming more and more popular for landscaping both commercially and personally, and this quote from Consumer Reports highlights the reason:

"Rubber mulch can eliminate the need for annual mulching, since rubber doesn’t break down as wood does; it’s heavy enough to stay put; and you can use less of it than wood mulch: Rubber mulch need be only 1.5 inches deep vs. about 3 inches for wood mulch."
- Consumer Reports May 2006

Southern States Landscaping Mulch can be used for a variety of projects, including:

  • Recycled Rubber Mulch Commercial Landscapes
  • Large scale & commercial landscaping projects
  • Home & office flower beds & gardens
  • Residential & school gardens
  • Walkways & paths through fields or wooded areas
  • To designate or line parking lots & driveways
  • As a base for trees & shrubs
  • To add to the look of a home, golf course, or school

Rubber mulch is also environmentally friendly , not only because it is 100% recycled rubber, but it also helps to conserve moisture in the soil around the roots of flowers and shrubs, significantly reducing water use. Recycled Rubber Mulch

  • Heavier than traditional mulch products
  • Non-toxic and non-staining
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Will not attract insects and protects against mosquito and termite nesting

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