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Equestrian Rubber Mulch

Using an innovative manufacturing process, our manufacturers have created safe, environmentally friendly equestrian mulch that is 99% metal free! Our equestrian rubber mulch is the safest surface option available for your riders and horses, and provides a professional finish to your grounds.

Rubber absorbs far more shock than sand, hay, concrete, or hardened ground. Reduce the wear on your horse joints and bones! There is no surface material more suited to equestrian centers than rubber mulch, and it is extremely durable and long lasting, either indoors or outdoors. Rubber mulch allows for far less dust and moisture accumulation, making it the perfect option.

Our equestrian grade rubber mulch has also been used at athletic centers and training facilities, in paintball and go-kart arenas, and in dog parks and animals sanctuaries.

In addition to the Equestrian uses, it is also used; as a cheaper alternative to a painted playground mulch for: military training facilities, paintball parks, dog runs and even as a bottom layer for painted playground applications.

Southern States Equestrian Rubber Mulch is available bagged in Super Sacks or by bulk via dump truck.

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