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Southern States Rubber Mulch

Planning a Project? We also have accessories!

Landscaping Rubber Borders: Easy installation is done with included rubber stakes. Sold in four foot sections, our borders are made of recycled materials to complement our mulch.

4' L  x  4" W  x  3" H     $14.95
Colors: Red, Brown

Playground Area Rubber Borders: A safer option than wood or plastic, try our 100% recycled rubber borders to add a beautiful and professional finish to playground areas.

8' L  x  4" W  x  4" H     $44.99
8' L  x  4" W  x  6" H     $59.99
8' L  x  6" W  x  8" H     $79.99
Colors: Red, Green, Brown

Swing Mats: Use swing mats under loose playground mulch to reduce movement, shifting, and displacement.

3' L  x  2' W  x  1" H     $55.00
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black
4' L  x  2' W x 1" H       $69.00
4' L  x  2' W  x  2" H     $89.00
5' L  x  3' W  x  2" H     $149.00
Colors: Red, Green, Brown, Black

Weed Barriers: Try our commercial grade weed barriers to maximize drainage and minimize weed growth in your next landscaping project. Sold to you with a 25 year warranty, weed barrier is available in rolls of 400 square feet
400 Sq.Ft.- 4 x 100 ft.

Interlocking Tiles: Try interlocking tiles to make concrete areas safer to play on! Available in a variety of colors and patterns.

2' L  x  2' W  x  2.5" H     $29.00