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Put The Finishing Touches To Your Landscape Or Playground!

Southern States Recycled Rubber Mulch offers a huge variety of rubber mulch products for you to select from. We offer Landscape, Athletic, Equestrian, and Playground rubber mulch surfaces to suit any need or project. Our high quality offerings mean you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space. You can even place a rubber mulch bulk order for large space needs.

Explore the variety, value, beauty and safety of our mulch products below:

recycled rubber mulch and rubber lawn & garden mulch

  • Landscape Rubber Mulch
  • Equestrian Rubber Mulch
  • Playground Rubber Mulch
  • Lawn and Garden Rubber Mulch
  • Weed Barriers
  • Rubber Pavers
  • Borders
  • Swing Mats

Recycled rubber mulch products have become more and more popular in recent years. Their unique characteristics of flexibility and value have made them a popular choice for commercial locations and for homeowners looking to put the finishing touches to their landscaping. You can order in small quantities or place a bulk rubber mulch order for added convenience and savings!

Don't Risk Quality, Shop From Southern States Recycled Rubber Mulch Products

With this increasing popularity comes a risk as low-quality manufacturers enter the market. Luckily, Southern States Recycled Rubber Mulch has years of experience in dealing with a host of manufacturers, and have a range of trusted suppliers and affiliates that set us apart from our competition. Our black rubber mulch and red rubber mulch are our most popular colors.

  • We consistently deliver high quality rubber mulch products
  • Each of our products is designed to meet or exceed the strictest safety standards
  • We believe in value, and in giving our customers the best product for their money
  • We believe in convenience, and provide several options for purchase and delivery of our products
  • We hold and store each of our products in an indoor warehouse until sale, ensuring that it has not been impacted by weather
  • We provide next-day delivery

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